Guy Finds Out His Girlfriend Has A Secret Tinder Account But There’s A Twist

Every time when I’m watching a soap opera like Neighbours, I wonder always how characters have got themselves into such a pickle. Someone always seems to be cheating on someone else or vice versa. Sometimes they might be pregnant or might not with her half-brother’s cousin’s child.

Young men chatting with his mistress while his wife sleeps.

This kind of issues exists outside of the realms of a soap opera script so it was news to me.from London, UK, Joshua Edwards, witnessed the type of relationship drama that you would encounter in your typical soap opera while travelling around the city on a bus.

So the story has begun when  Josh overhears a girl on the bus on the phone to her boyfriend. Apparently, she’s still on Tinder that what he heard.However, I reckon this is going to be a very hard conversation I am not sure about you. Make yourself comfortable, grab some popcorn and read on the next page to find more.