20 Painfully Embarrassing Nightclub Photos These Party Animals Wish They Could Forget

Nightclubs are usually filled to the rafters with embarrassing, inebriated idiots. Which is why they can be great fun indeed for anyone who likes to lose themselves to booze, boogieing and bad behavior. Everyone who has been clubbing knows that it can sometimes be great to let your hair down – but the key word here is “sometimes.” When you’re not in the mood, just looking around a club can really make you wonder why you bothered going out in the first place. Here are some of the most cringeworthy kinds of behavior that are all too common on the club scene. We sincerely hope that you guys don’t look like this when you hit the dance floor…


This is the danger of nightclubs. One minute you’re just a couple of good-looking ladies showing off your smiles; the next, the bride of Gollum has come out of nowhere and is trying to lick the precious rings off your fingers.