20+ Photos that prove what you see on social media can’t always be believed

Social media is, by nature, a competition. Who looks the prettiest, who’s aged the slowest, who has the nicest vacations, who gyms the hardest, who spoils their kids the most on Christmas day… the list goes on.

Nearly all of us are guilty of manipulating reality somewhat when it comes to posting online. Perhaps we edit a photo to make it more flattering or pretend that something was a lot more enjoyable than it was. But our minor editing skills are nothing compared to the big social media influencers. Just wait until you see these photos!

1. Getting arty

How to make your skin sparkle in a very unnatural way? Take some neon paint and splatter it all over your face. Then grab a backlight that’ll make the paint glow like it’s supposed to. Your selfie game will never be the same again. This guy shows us that something that looks relatively straightforward is actually a lot of work behind the scenes.