It’s Important To Get Every Last Crumb

I’ve never had an even relationship with food is and it is perhaps the only thing.

Moreover, I can’t say that I mind. It certainly not lets me down, and there are boundless combinations to try. I lately bought an Actifry, and I feel like a mad scientist whenever I make a good meal. Nothing beats getting back home for the weekend and having your favourite snacks prepared to be paired with a good drink and movie.

1.Mixed emotions…

You finally become an independent adult and there is this wonderful feeling. The victorious moment when you realize you can do whatever you want. I had a similar experience with a whole box of KD to myself.

<h3″>2. That’s when my second stomach kicks in.

Hawaiian pizza for life….It’s a race for those prime pieces and you need a second stomach when you have a big family.

3. My spirit animal

You deserve the extra cake when you getting married, and it is tough.AFTER the wedding nobody says you have to fit into the dress.