These Sushi Shoes Are The Go-To Meal For Every Sneakerhead

Though I’m not a very  big fan of sushi, however I can in reality can see the appeal, specially when it comes to looks. These little and attractive  compact little rolls of carbs and protein and veggies are definitely easy on the eye and very appealing. Very cool thing about sushi is that because of the way it’s made, you can manipulate them into all different shapes, sizes, and designs.

“Hey man! Wanna get together eat some some raw fish rolled in cold rice and seaweed?!” they’d probably say, “Hell no dude, let’s get something actually delicious, like pizza or cheesesteaks or like, anything that doesn’t involve cold rice and raw fish.”

Yujia Hu, whose Instagram page is filled with awesome sushi concoctions. Amazingly  a lot of them are stylish footwear.Here you can view them below in detail.

OK, so socks with sandals isn’t exactly the coolest look, but it’s hard to deny how awesome this looks.

Check out this pair of Air Force 1’s:

And these plain white-rice kicks.

These supreme sushi sandals resell for a lot, I hear.

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